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I provide individualised therapy that meets your needs as a family. I support you to develop your knowledge and skills to help your child with autism.


Video-aided intervention using Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT) helps you to notice positive communication moments with your child and build on this. I use a 'total communication' approach, using a mixture of words, signs and symbols to unlock communication potential. This includes the use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Intensive Interaction, Talking Mats and Social Stories. I am also experienced in social communication interventions such as Lego Therapy, Talkabout and developing functional life skills. Therapy can be provided at home, in school or online.


Prior to therapy I will meet with you to gather your views and assess your child's language and communication skills.

Mother and Child


I provide bespoke autism training packages for parents, schools and other professionals to understand more about autism and unlock children's communication potential.


I am a Licensed National Autistic Society Early Bird Plus Trainer and a Visiting Lecturer on the Autism Masters Course at Northumbria University.


Contact me to discuss the ways in which I can support you.



I can meet with you to support you to learn and understand more about autism and how it impacts upon your child. I will support you to develop an autism and communication friendly environment to unlock your child's communication potential.


Challenging behaviour is often a child trying to communicate, with support they can develop more appropriate communication. The Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support (SCERTS) framework is implemented during consultations.

I have experience of working in mainstream and specialist education provisions and within NHS and private autism assessment teams. These connections help to guide you through the 'world' of autism including understanding autism assessment, diagnosis, education and care processes, signposting to resources, charities and key agencies. This ensures holistic support for your child and family.   


Consultations can be a one off session or reoccurring as part of a package of support. This service is suitable for both parents and schools.

Child In Speech Therapy


I am experienced in assessing children's speech, language, communication and interaction skills to develop a profile of their strengths and weaknesses. Assessment will provide individualised recommendations and strategies to unlock your child's communication potential. More detailed assessments and reports can be provided for Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) reports.


Assessment involves meeting with you to gather your views and a combination of formal and/or informal assessment of your child's language and communication skills. This usually lasts 1 hr - 1 hr 15 minutes and includes a short written report.


I provide private NICE compliant autism diagnostic assessments as part of the experienced multidisciplinary team at Autism North East

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